Wednesday, May 29, 2024

O To To

This is how Sensei would describe the feeling we are looking to elicit within uke (the attacker) BEFORE the throw happens. “O To To” is what the Japanese say when they stumble. We would say “oops” or some more colorful euphemism that also starts with “Oh...”.
This pic captures this moment perfectly. Jason is a talented Aikidoka and uke, but even he cannot stand on the tip of his toes. Peter Sensei has completely removed all sense of balance from Jason and I was lucky to capture it. This moment is well before what most observers would see as the throw. However this moment is why a “throw” is possible.
Whether in an argument, debate, work “discussion”, or street fight, we want to get our opponents to this point. Only then can we persuade our uke to a position more favorable to us.
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