Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Due to the crummy weather, tonight's beginner class is canceled and our dojo meeting has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Thurs. 2/8 @ 7pm). This message will be posted on FaceBook and email.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter Camp 2018 – Test Prep

Winter Camp 2018 is scheduled for March 9-11 at the Hun School in Princeton, NJ* and that means…

The 2018 winter session for camp/test prep kicks off on Mon., January 22 and will be hosted this year by Hugh Higgins Sensei.

All aikidoka are welcome and as usual, we will kick it up a notch for camp/test prep classes. Beginners are also welcome and will be taken good care.

Camp/test prep will run for 6 weeks, every Monday night from 7:00 – 8:00 pm with additional prep throughout the week.

As usual, week 1 and week 6 will run a little longer to accommodate videotaping of the test candidates and review after class. Remember, if you are not testing, we will need ukes of all types, so please come and support your fellow aikidoka.

Camp/test prep is a long-standing tradition in Rochester which, with your support will continue to enhance everyone’s quality of practice.

Thank you,

Marcella and Brian

*Additional camp details can be found on the bulletin board.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Many martial arts rely on small joint manipulation to gain compliance through pain and or damage to the joint. In Aikido, we train to subdue an attacker by connecting to and controlling their center (of gravity) through their joints. Though pain may be a side effect, it isn't the goal. We prefer to preserve the joint as a broken one severs the connection to their center (of gravity). That and a larger, stronger attacker likely poses difficulty for a smaller, physically weaker defender when it comes to damaging their joints. But we can manipulate to the point of effective control of their center. Once we control that, we have their own strength at our disposal to deal with them as the situation calls.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

DATE CHANGE---Dojo Testing

We will be having testing on Thursday 10/19 Wednesday 10/18 at 6pm.  Please come out and support your fellow students!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 2017 Dojo Updates

Firstly, due to summer camp the 7pm class on this Thursday 7/27 is canceled. All other classes will run per schedule.

Camp is upon us which means Sensei will be in Rochester very soon. We run an all volunteer dojo so please offer to help where you can. Please help orient our guests! We will have at least 8 people from other dojos joining us which is awesome! Be sure to avail yourself of every the opportunity to train directly under Sensei.

Last but not least, this month (7/12) we had some great testing in the dojo so don't forget to congratulate:
For 6th Kyu
Alaina Wong-Canissario
Christopher Enoch

For 5th Kyu
Tyler Mills  

For 4th Kyu
Aaron Micheau

Remember...Aikido is best when shared! 
As students we all know how much better we feel at the end of class than when we walk in, even though we are still surprised that even this day could be made better. Your friends, family and coworkers need that, too. Share it! Encourage them to come and try it out for themselves.