Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thank you Sensei!!!

From all of the Rochester Dojo, THANK YOU SENSEI!

We had another great weekend long seminar from our Sensei.  We had a full mat both Saturday and Sunday including visitors from our Webster program, Eastern Sky Aikido in Fairport, as well as from Kokikai Ithaca, MIT, Boston, and Garden State, NJ dojos.  Thank you to everyone who chipped in and made his visit a great success.

Sensei Maruyama visits the United States from his home dojo in Nagoya three times every year.  The Rochester dojo is extremely fortunate to be on the short list of stops during his summer trip.  It is exciting to see the subtle power demonstrated by Sensei and how his techniques becomes more and more efficient and powerful every year.  Sensei's awareness of his body and state of mind allow him to effortlessly cause people more than twice his size to crumble.  He is constant proof that brawn is not the answer and validates the entire construct of self defense.  He shows how smaller, weaker people can easily defeat an attack from larger and stronger assailants.

To learn more about Kokikai Aikido and the Rochester Dojo, see our full website.  Check out the Kokikai organizations website to find a Kokikai dojo near you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Testing

Please join me in congratulating Len Butler and Mark Panek on their promotion tests this past weekend.  Len and Mark represented the dojo well and we received several positive comments on their performance. 

Len Butler, Shodan
Mark Panek, Nidan

Also of note, several of our friends at Eastern Sky dojo tested and performed quite well.  Please congratulate Tara, Natan, Ryan, and Rich next time you see them.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Heard on the mat Thursday night...

"'s like they fall before they fall!"

Well said Binh!

We've all heard the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Or as I like to put it, you can lead a horse to water, but drowning him is an entirely different matter.  Our brains are funny in that there seem to be little doors that briefly open and allow in wisdom and understanding.  Knowledge flows in pretty well, though it also appears to leak out nearly as easily.  But real understanding, once it worms it's way in, is more permanent.  The teacher/lesson/water is always there.  It doesn't magically appear when you are ready.  It's that a culmination of knowledge, events, and attitudes that allow us to finally notice what has just become obvious and unmistakeable.

So, what is the key to opening those little doors more often?  It's largely a numbers game.  The longer you put into study, the more chances you give yourself.  Each min-Epiphany you have helps turn the lock on the next door into your brain.  It becomes a seed for the next and the next.

So, the moral of the story... Persistence.  Immersion.  Practice.  Repeat the words Binh spoke. It will either sound like a statement that the office Captain Obvious would make or a profound truth that will make you smile knowingly.  If for you it's the former, then you have something to look forward to.  If the latter, then we'll be excited to hear what's behind your next door.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sensei in Rochester!

Just a reminder... 

Experience the power and grace of Kokikai Aikido with Shuji Maruyama Sensei, President and Founder of Kokikai Ryu Aikido International.

Sensei will be at the Rochester dojo on Sat. August 9 and Sun. August 10. 

The deadline for receiving a discount on the seminar is Fri. July 25. 

You can also pay by paypal by sending money to

Looking forward to having everyone get a chance to experience Sensei!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sensei is coming and the dojo needs cleaning...

It’s that time again…time to clean the dojo and get it ready for Sensei’s visit after summer camp.

Please join us on Saturday, August 2 after the adult class at 11:00 am to clean the dojo.

With a group of 4-5 people we should be able to clean the dojo in about 1-1.5 hours.

A list of cleaning tasks will be posted beforehand and can be done at any time before, during or after the scheduled clean up. 

Please pick a task, do it and check it off the list.

Questions, see Ray Easton.