Monday, October 23, 2023

Dojo News - Seminar Update and Rank Promotions

We had an awesome weekend with Todd Sensei, our sister dojo Eastern Sky, and several guests from Keystone, Albany, Ithaca, Silicon Valley, and Syracuse.  In between a lot of sweat and a lot of fun we also took care of some serious business, namely three shodan and two nidan level tests.  Please come to Tuesday (10/24) night’s class where we will formally recognize our own Jason McEvoy for his excellent Nidan test.

 Todd Sensei also brought news of senior rank promotions from Sensei:

Godan (5th dan)

Rose Pleninger, Eastern Sky

Geoff Callendar, Ithaca

Rokudan (6th dan)

                Brian Martens, Rochester

Shichidan(7th dan)

                Vance Smith, Albany


Congratulations to all!!

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