Sunday, September 13, 2015

This week in your dojo...

It's the middle of September and the weather is firing a warning shot across our collective bow, so it's a great time to hit the mat to warm up a bit.  This week we also have some notable happenings to mention.  First, Thursday night's class will end at 7:45 so we can go and celebrate Marcella Sensei's 4th Dan promotion and welcome back our newest Shodan Sam who will be visiting from the left coast. 

Looks like dinner will be at Alladin's on Monroe.  There is a sign up sheet in the dojo.  Len and Bob are coordinating.

Candy will be continuing  to explore the first bokken kata in the second half of her Tuesday night class. Come and brush up on the kata as well as see what it teaches us about movement, ki exercises, and open hand technique.

Also, we are kicking off a fundraiser to re-build our reserves and scholarship funds.  We will be opening an online auction of items donated by members.  Please share this with your friends and families and some total strangers, too.  There will be a variety of items to bid on from artistic to more practical, many are hand made by dojo members.  Please let Candy or I know if you can donate something.  Events like this helps us keep our dues as low as they are so please help support  your dojo.  The auction starts September 16th.

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