Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dojo Fundraiser

Our fundraising auction is now OPEN.  Check out all the cool hand crafted items and services that have been donated to support the dojo.

You may ask, why is a martial arts dojo having a fundraiser?  The answer is simple, we are an all volunteer run organization funded solely through member dues.  Martial arts practice is typically a function of people's disposable income.  The past few years have been tough economically for the country and Rochester in particular.  We have seen a migration of people away from Rochester for work which has directly impacted our membership.  In that same stretch the dojo had to invest in new mats, foam, and lighting.  The dojo looks great but we have been unable to re-build our reserves. 

Our mission is to teach Aikido to as many people as we can, so we have resisted raising dues.  This auction, along with some other activities on the drawing board, is intended to help fix that.  We need to rebuild our monthly operational reserve, rebuild our scholarship fund, and start saving towards our next mat replacement in a few years.

Please consider supporting our mission.


the dojo

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