Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It's that time again. Please pitch in and help get the dojo ready for the Seminar with Leon Sensei (and for us). After class on Saturday April 24th we will be doing a thorough cleaning of the dojo and we need everyone to pitch in. If you can't make it then, please consider doing one of the items on the "must" list prior to then.

By the end of day April 24th we want to have at least done the following:

Clean all radiators
Wash all Windows
Wash walls outside of dressing rooms, all the way to ceiling (need ladders)
Dust everything
Organize the locker rooms
Organize cabinets

Bonus Items:
Get exhaust fan working in skylight
Cover/hide areas on the ceiling in the front
Paint wall with Mirror to match rest of dojo
Repair/Replace Damaged Mirror
Build/Buy Trash & Recycling Center (instead of the giant trash cans)

Did I miss anything? It's our home away from home and with everyone doing just a little it will all get done. Contact me if you want to work on any of the bonus items.


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Judy Warner said...

The women's locker room needs to be repainted eventually tool