Wednesday, June 14, 2023

June Rondori Month Continues!


Each Tuesday this June we are putting a special focus on rondori and multiple attacker exercises. Last week we focused on maintaining awareness of the next attacker while executing a throw in an exercise we have coined the "Angel" game. (Whovians know).

Tonight we added the idea of asset protection. Our Koki-Koala bear served as our asset. Self defense is not just about us, it's about the ones we love, and in our better moments, even complete strangers who need help. In this exercise, Nage (the thrower/good guy) needs to maintain position between the asset (a kid, spouse, friend, innocent) and the next attackers while throwing the current attacker.
We then took two different responses (techniques) against the same attack. We practiced each and then discussed their cost functions. Everything we do has pros and cons and whether they are good options depend on how those line up against a given scenario.
These are as much mental exercises as they are physical. It is not enough to master this technique or that ki exercise. We must be able to weave them into a coherent strategy for self defense, in real time, under duress. This, like anything, takes practice to train the brain to be able process the variables quickly.


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