Friday, June 2, 2023

Dojo News and Updates

Happy Unofficial start of Summer,


Though how unofficial with it being 86° out is a matter of debate.  😊  Some dojo news and updates:


  • June will Rondori Tuesdays – we will focus on multiple attacker drills and freestyle.  That will work best with a lot of people, sooooo bring a friend and a Gatorade.


  • Don’t forget Thursday nights at 8-8:30 we have our new weapons class.


  • Cecelia Sensei Seminar Update!  I just spoke with Cecelia Sensei and confirmed details for August 5th & 6th .  Look for a brochure in the next few days.  Both classes Saturday will be open to all.  There will be a blackbelt intensive class Sunday morning with individual focus. 


  • Dates for Summer Camp have been advertised, it will be the week after Cecelia Sensei’s visit, August 11-13th.   Venue details are still being worked out.


I also want to thank everyone who chipped in to all the recent dojo renovations and clean up.  Most particularly, Scott Andrews for kickstarting the latest wave of improvements with his ambitious projects.  His energy was infectious.


Speaking of being infectious… Aikido is best shared!  Invite friends, colleagues, and random people on the street to come try it out.  It may be the best gift they ever receive.

As always, reach out if you have questions about your training, requests, ideas for focused classes, new/different class times etc. 


That’s all for now.





PS. Remember that it’s ok to sweat in class because there are ice-pops and fudgesicles waiting for you afterward in the freezer.  😊

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