Friday, May 26, 2017

The myth of a fair fight.

If you think martial arts are just for the testosterone enriched, think again. Martial arts are (supposed to be) an intellectual endeavor aimed at giving the practitioner a distinct advantage in a fight. Each of the many styles lends itself to specific a context, some to warfare, some to law enforcement, some to James Bond style license to not have to worry about paperwork, and others to self-defense. But all of them are share the purpose of giving you a distinct advantage. Don't confuse sport with practical application. Weight classes, height, and age classes are all designed to level the playing field to make the game more interesting to watch. In reality, those that would do us harm are smarter. They seek out those smaller, weaker, fewer, and apparently less able to defend themselves. This is why we train. Skill and awareness to prevail over strength and numbers. Martial arts are for all sizes, shapes, and ages. The context of Aikido is self-defense and relies on a near certainty of physics, that the aggressor is big enough to hurt themselves. We don't overpower our attackers, we develop principles and reflexes that convince them to "throw" themselves. Any strength we add is icing on the top and at our discretion to apply depending on circumstance. Come find out why we have the saying in our dojo, "You are the perfect height." #perfectheight #grrrls

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Judy Warner said...

Beautifully expressed, Brian!