Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Annual New Year's Day Class @10AM

Start 2017 off on the right foot, with Aikido! Current, past, and new students welcome! Resolve to be a better you!

Our New Year's Day Class is a Rochester Dojo tradition for decades. It's a class we use to mark our dedication to a practice which continues to be such a rich and rewarding component of our lives. Our practice is not just about learning "to boot people in the head" (Google it, it's funny) but about how our time invested in the dojo yields returns in our daily lives. Aikido practice helps manage stress but more importantly it teaches you how to process events in a more constructive manner so that the stress doesn't manifest in the first place. It's an odd thing to say that putting yourself in a dojo where people are going to attack you repeatedly lowers stress, but there is a logic to it. Your fellow students create a sort of play for you in every attack, scaled personally for your level with the goal of your personal growth. Then, you return their favor by being sensitive to their needs to grow and giving yourself to play that part in their story.

The best way to truly understand this is to experience it first hand. We invite new students and old friends to come to this New Year's Day class, or any of our classes for that matter, to start or renew that fire within.

Sunday January 1st, 10AM, Every Year!

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