Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dojo Meeting Saturday 1/24/2015

What sets our dojo apart from most is that we are an all volunteer run organization.  We are not just another "belt factory."  This means we can keep the focus on what's important, advancing the martial art. 

The flip side of that is that we need your help to run the dojo.  Tasks range from making sure the place is clean to monitoring attendance to doing the finances to help with the websites...  You get the idea.  It's the stuff you don't need a black belt for to excel!

We're inviting all the members of the dojo to come and discuss these issues, event planning, and serve as a open forum for everyone.  So, please make an effort to come and participate in making our dojo the home away from home and haven for training it has been for 30 years and counting.  I'll put a pot of coffee on!  :)

Date: 1/24:15
Time: 11:15-12:15pm  (right after the Saturday adult class)
Where: Right in the dojo


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