Sunday, December 7, 2014

Another Great Regional Practice!

Another very successful regional practice is under our collective obi.  We had students from Rochester, Eastern Sky, Webster, and RIT dojos sharing ideas while having a lot of fun.  There were 17 students in the kids class followed by 29 students in the adult class, 16 of which ranked shodan or higher!  In addition to that we had 3 more students who came out to support the event despite feeling a bit under the weather and a former student who stopped in to visit. (good to see you Michael)  There were no lions or tigers but we did have two small bears!

We were also treated to three great tests, so please join me in congratualting:

5th Kyu
Michael Donatelli (Webster)

2nd Kyu
Ayano Ninomiya (Rochester)

1st Kyu
Samantha Newmark (Rochester)

The class went for 2 and half hours, more than 1/2 survived:

See more pics via our Google+ Page:

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