Thursday, April 24, 2014

AKF Mat Fundraising Seminar in June


Cecelia Sensei is putting together a seminar the weekend of June 14th at Rowan University.  This will be taught by various high ranking instructors.  All the proceeds will go to buying new mats for camps.  People who attend this event are eligible to get a discount on this coming Summer camp.

Please see (email) Brian, Judy, or Marcella if you are interested in attending before May 8th as we need to get her a count of people that are going so they can make decisions about how many mats can be purchased.  The new mats will be at this seminar.  Be among the first to roll on them!


BTW - Cecelia Sensei rocks for doing this and a thousand other things.  Please thank her next time you see her for all that she does for our organization!

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