Sunday, July 10, 2011

Test Prep

We are at week 4 already!

I want to thank all that are participating. I know that it has been warm, and Monday's weather predictions are calling for it to be downright hot, but having grown up in the Philadelphia area, I can vouch for the heat you get down where camp will be held. Also, all but my last test were at Summer camp. Training in the heat is necessary.

Here are some tips. First, hydrate during the day. Second, on your drive over, no AC. Yes, I said no air conditioning. You need to let the body acclimate other wise the shock of going from AC at the office to AC at the car to Steve's warm ups will put additional strain on the body. Third, while practicing hydrate but minimally. Limes or lemons can quench the feeling of thirst. Fourth, come, practice, sweat and leave happier for it.

see you at class!

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