Friday, October 1, 2010


We are very pleased to offer congratulations to everyone who tested last night!
We have a large batch of new orange belts who all did well, so be sure to congratulate them!

Our newest orange belts are:

Amogh BhagatSamantha Newmark
James HindalRiley Page
Glenn HuelsNate Wagar
Perez Johnson
Remember to also clap Kimberly Sherer on the back. She tested wonderfully for her second orange belt, 5th kyu. Keep up the good work Kimberly!

And last but never least Hugh Higgins had an amazing test for his blue belt. He handled everything that was thrown at him wonderfully. Way to go Hugh, you should be proud it was beautiful!

Congrats again to all those who tested and a big wonderful thank you to all those who showed up to support them and uke!

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