Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ki Development Exercises

For the first time, I gave my Monday 7:00 pm class homework…

Question: How do ki development exercises relate to technique?

1. Choose a ki development exercise.
2. Lead the class in the ki development exercise you choose.
3. Demonstrate a throw/technique that illustrates the ki exercise you choose.
4. Have class practice in pairs the technique you demonstrated while you coach.

Homework was due last night and I’m pleased to say it was a great success!

6 different ki exercises were demonstrated ranging from the more commonly known kotegaeshi undo and tenkan undo to the more exotic zanshin undo and gokyo undo.

Here a run down of the ki exercises that were demonstrated:


Ki Exercise



Rick P.

tekubi kosa undo
(curl wrists up)

katate ryote tori kaitennage

Tekubi kosa undo has two versions:
-wrists curl & cross in front of one point
-wrists curl upward in front of solar plexus

Brian M.

zanshin undo

ushiro tekubi tori kokyunage line throw

3rd kyu test requirement

Bobby S.

kotegaeshi undo

ushiro kata kotegaeshi

grab side of shoulders from behind

Dave L.

gokyo undo

shomenuchi kokyunage line throw


Brad D.

tenkan undo

katate tori kaitennage

same side wrist grab, 4th kyu test requirement

Ann M.

udefuri undo

kosatori kokyunage

cross hand grab

Class observations:
Techniques often incorporate more than one ki exercise, for example:

Brad’s katate tori kaitennage included not only tenkan undo but funekogi undo and udemawashi undo.

Dave’s shomenuchi kokyunage line throw included gokyo undo as well as shomenuchi undo and zanshin undo.

Rick’s katate ryote tori kaitennage incorporated tekubi kosa undo as well as udemawashi undo and funekogi undo.

Our main web site has some QuickTime videos that illustrate 12 ki exercises:

Thank you to all for your enthusiastic participation!


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Tubby Tee said...

nice. wish i could have made that class (^_^)