Saturday, January 28, 2023

Dread Winter Less...Fall in Love with Aikido

The most often used physical skill from Aikido, thankfully, is falling safely.  We all are subject to icy conditions in our climate, and as a practitioner of martial arts, your balance and sense of center are improved so slips are less frequent, but they still occur.  I have been practicing martial arts for almost 40years, and I just slipped in my driveway this week.  Considering I couldn't even get my car up the driveway, it should be less a shock that it could happen.  However, Aikido makes falling well instinct.  Which is good because there precious is little time to think on the way down.  What easily could have been an injury is a nothing-event because my body knew what to do.  

As the old proverb goes, the best time to plant a tree is 20years ago, the second best time is now.  Come join us for a class, plant that tree of instinct and learn to nurture it..

Beginners are always welcome!  Learn more here:

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