Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tick Tock - The season for taking stock is upon us.

Making your new year's resolutions? Want something physical? stress relieving? fun? meaningful?  Try learning a martial art at Aikido Kokikai of Rochester!


We apply martial arts principles for both real self-defense applications as well as the resolution of daily conflicts.  There are no cage matches, points, or artificial weight classes on the street nor are there the equivalent in the office.  Conflict, physical or otherwise, is usually asymmetric, the strong of either will or body want to have things their way. We need the right set of tools for the job.  Genuine martial arts are designed to level the playing field and give you an advantage over larger, stronger, and multiple attackers.  The strategies, self-discipline, and the development of inner calm under stress from martial arts are equally suited to the rigors of daily life as they are to the common experience of the battlefield known as the street.


You can even start any time, even January 1st at our annual New Year's Day Class at 10am.  Regular classes are Tuesday-Thursday evenings .  You will learn both mental and physical skills that apply to reducing stress in your daily life as well as to self-defense in a fun and welcoming environment.  Check us out at for more information.   Don't live near Rochester, NY?  No problem, there are Aikido Kokikai® dojos around the country.  Find one near you at

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