Monday, November 23, 2020

11/23/20 Rochester Organge Zone Designation




The writing has been on the wall the past week so it is not a huge surprise that moments ago NYS designated Rochester, Brighton, and Irondequoit as Orange Zones.  This designation forces closures of many non-essential businesses, including the gyms category which we fall into.  If we are lucky, this will only last a week or so.  For now, there is definitely no class this week.  Marcella and I will monitor the designation and make determinations about classes on a week by week basis.  We will leave the class reservation open for classes until they are determined to be impacted by a continuing Orange or worse designation.  In the meantime, if the Orange zone continues into next week, I will make at least next Tuesday’s class online through Google Meet.


Until then, try to have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Wash your hands and heck behind your ears, too.  Wear your masks and just be aware.

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