Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are the things your are thankful for?  (Sorry Sam) For what things are you thankful?

I have the honor and privilege of exploring this state of being we call Kokikai Aikido with a group of people that aren't just my students, not merely my peers, but my extended family.  For 20 years my wife and I have been affiliated with our dojo.  We not only found a practice which has changed our demeanor, our outlook on life, how we interact with others, how we do other crazy tasks like blacksmithing, how we design products (ask me about the device for firefighters inspired by nikyo), but most importantly, we found a home.  The experience of walking through those doors to the foyer and immediately feeling the comfort of being at home is not our unique story, but one that has been the grace of most everyone that has been with the dojo for any length of time.

So, on behalf of myself, my wife Candace, and all of us, I want to thank each and every person that has ever made the Rochester Dojo the Home that it is while never compromising the goal that is the elevation of the art of Kokikai.  To all those that came before me, that sweated beside me (or on me) over the years, to those that remain, and to those to come.  THANK YOU!

While I have you attention, there are a few announcements:

Congratulations to those who have tested in the past few weeks! Progress makes the dojo.  We look forward to participating on your continued journey.

6th Kyu
Mark Douglas
Kristina Karekos
Richard Douglas
Tracy Karekos

5th Kyu
Scott Andrews

4th Kyu
Michael Dorren

There are no classes on Thanksgiving, but please join our extended family on Saturday from 10-Noon for an extended class.  Both Alan Tamayo and Steve Perino will be back up from NY City.  Hopefully a few others may join us as well from our satellite programs.  Though not a formal regional practice, any and all Kokikai students are welcome, as are new comers.

Please enjoy the holiday and may you survive your adventures in shopping!  BTW, if you have someone that has everything on your list, maybe they would benefit from the gift of Aikido.  Think hard  though, it's so awesome you better really like them.  :)


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