Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some fun you have been missing...

Here's a synopsis of just some of the things we have been working on the last few weeks...

  • We got to explore the latest nuances from our seminars with Sensei.
  • We spent an entire class following the evolution of kokyu nage (at least the 18 years of it that I've seen) and how each stage relates to our current technique.
  • We looked at the timing of attacks and how it relates to practicing our ukemi.
  • We focused on what it really means to "throw" and the differences between actively throwing (incorrect nage), taking our own ukemi (incorrect uke), and convincing ukes to fall down (correct nage and uke).
  • We examined techniques and how they relate to our ki exercises.
  • We practice misogi breathing.
  • We had a ball! :)

What's in store next?  Come find out!

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