Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - Make a positive difference in your life.

Making your new year's resolutions? Want something physical? stress relieving? fun? meaningful?  Try learning a martial art.  Come join us at Aikido Kokikai of Rochester!

We concentrate on real self-defense applications and resolution of conflicts.  There are no cage matches, points, or artificial weight classes on the street.  The bad guys are always bigger and they outnumber you so need the right set of tools for the job.  Genuine martial arts are designed to level the play ground and give you an advantage over larger, stronger, and multiple attackers.

You can even start January 1st at our annual New Year's Day Class at 10am.  Regular classes are Mon-Thurs evenings and on Saturday mornings.  You will learn both mental and physical skills that apply to reducing stress in your daily life as well as to self-defense.  Check us out at for more information.

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