Friday, June 22, 2012

Dojo Work Week


The Mats have arrived....almost.  They are at the freight handlers in Rochester.  We have scheduled delivery for this Tuesday the 26th of June.  Delivery will be between Noon and 5pm and we will get ~1/2hr to an hour notice before they get there.  We will need about 6 people to get the stuff off the truck and up to the dojo without over-straining anyone.  We have about 4 people now that can make it, so another 2 or 3 would be great.  Please contact Candy or Brian.

So far the schedule for the work is:
July 1st, ~11AM
  • we tear down the old mats, foam, and boards.  
  • Re-arrange the fridge/couch area
  • Test fit new mat
July 2nd-3rd Daytime
  • Building maintenance (ceiling fixes, electrical upgrades)
July 3rd Evening
  • Layout new wood border
  • pre-drilling of wood
  • floor drilling
  • paint wood
July 4th rest

July 5th
  • Permanently affix new wood borders (glue it and screw it)
  • Put down foam
  • Apply mat cover
July 6th
  • Adjustments to mat tensioning
  • cleaning
July 7th
  • assuming all goes to plan - dojo re-opens with normal Saturday Classes
We will need help, please note times and come when you can.  Remember, this dojo runs not just for us but by and because of us.

See Brian or Candy for details.  Schedule subject to change as $#%# happens, so keep an eye here for updates.

Thanks in advance!

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