Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks for a Wonderful Regional Practice

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Regional Practice today. Our next one is on Saturday, February 14 and I hope you will be able to attend then.

This practice was special – a number of our nidans lead practice. As I watched, I smiled as the dedication of our instructors was obvious in their presentations.

I am not sure how many appreciate that all of our instructors are volunteers. It has been a hallmark of our Rochester dojo that no instructors receive pay. This has always allowed us to keep our dues relatively low. So, our instructors are a very special group of people who have chosen to give their time to an art that they are dedicated to.

Another reason that nidans are special is that their rank reflects another choice – to have devoted themselves to continued growth and learning beyond receiving their black belt. It was readily evident in today’s teaching that all of our nidans give careful thought simultaneously to the art they are studying and how to share that art with students.

So, next time you are in class, be sure to acknowledge your instructor. – whether shodan, nidan, sandan, or higher – they are special people and we are lucky to have them all serving in our dojo.

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