New Year's Fundraiser

Welcome to the 2020 New Year's Day AKR Fundraiser

All proceeds go directly to support the dojo including operating expenses like rent, insurance, and our guest instructor fund.  We are not officially a non-profit even though we run like one, so unfortunately we cannot offer any tax donation forms.   These are all hand made and unique, functional works of art.  They are created out of love their respective crafts and donated out of appreciation for all that Aikido Kokikai® has brought and continues to bring to our lives.. 

How it works, buy tickets either virtually via PayPal or in person at the dojo.  Each ticket is an equal chance in a random drawing that will be done after our annual New Year's Day class which is at 10am on January 1st.  For virtual tickets, you have to buy them separately for each and any items you are looking to win.  We will put your name on the same tickets you would get in person.  Online tickets need to be purchased by 12/31 so I can make sure everyone's tickets are prepped and entered.  After class on January 1st, all the tickets for an item will go in a box and one ticket will be chosen as the winner.  Items may be picked up at the dojo, winter camp, or shipping may be arranged if you are not local.  The items are available for inspection at Aikido Kokikai of Rochester and may be viewed during regular dojo hours.

Item #1: Hand Carved Tanto in Rosewood by Brian Martens

Winner: Brian Martens
(Hey, it came out well!)

Item #2: Hand Carved Tanto in Rosewood by Brian Martens

Winner: Scott Andrews

Item #3: Hand Forged Knife in 1084 Carbon Steel with Case in Rosewood by Candy Martens
NOTE: If 40 or more tickets are sold for this item, Candy will make a custom leather sheath to go with the knife.

Winner: Gus Morely

Item #4: Hand Made Copper Bracelet with Ki Kanji Chasing and Hand Hammered Finish by Brian Martens

Winner: Candy Martens

Item #5: Choice of Hand Made Hakama Wrap or Weapons Bag by Marcella Sarkozy

Winner: Steve Ahto

Bonus Drawing for 35th Anniversary T-shirt:
Hugh Higgins

About the artists:

Brian Martens -Brian is an engineer, blacksmith, and self taught woodworker.  He started woodworking in the late 90's, focusing on making wooden practice weapons to support his Aikido habit.  Brian is a 5th dan an co-chief instructor at AKR as well as a board member for Aikido Kokikai Federation USA.

Candace Martens - Candy is an engineer, blacksmith, and bladesmith.  She is currently pursuing her Journeyman status with the American Bladesmith Society while running the blacksmithing program at the Rochester Arc + Flame Center.  Candace is a 4th dan in Aikido and treasurer for AKR.

Marcella Sarkozy - Marcella is a Project Manager and an accomplished fabric arts addict.  She makes beautiful hakama wraps, weapons bags, and the occasional knit gnome. Marcella is a 4th dan and co-chief instructor at AKR.

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