Sunday, April 26, 2015

Send off for two of our family...


As most of you know, Samantha Newmark has been preparing to start the next segment of her life out in LA with her soon to be hubby, Justin.  But perhaps fewer of you know that Ayano Ninomiya has recently obtained a new position and will be living in NYC.  Probably also having something to do with TJ being there.

So, this Tuesday, before their lives get too crazy with moving next week, we will be ending classes by 8pm so we can enjoy a nice evening out with them before they wander off.  We'll be heading to Shema on Alexander next to the Old Toad.  Please join us to get your last throws of them in for a while, at least until camps, tip a glass, and share some food and good company.

Best Regards,

PS. Given these unacceptable losses, the rest of you may only date people from Rochester!!! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Last Saturday (4/4) we had a "surprise" test, Aiala Levy‏ tested for 6th kyu. 
If you have a chance, ask Aiala to throw you tsuki kotegaeshi with pin. Aiala has an excellent 3 palms up pin!
Please join me in welcoming Aiala to the ranks of 6th kyu.

Mark Your Calendars - Important Dates:


Sun. 4/12 – 1:00 pm-3:00 pm – Self Defense with Brian Sensei’s fraternity brothers

Fri. 4/24-Sun. 4/26 – Seminar with Rick Goodman Sensei, see posters for details


Fri. 5/1 – Arcade Aikido Kokikai‏ (Arcade, NY) - Trade show - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - only a 15 min. slot, if you are interested in helping out see Bill Bechdel

Sun. 5/3 Arcade Aikido Kokikai‏ (Arcade, NY) - Trade show - 11:00 am to 12 noon - one hour slot, perfect for demo with Grand Opening to follow at 2:00 pm, pizza provided, if you are interested in helping out see Bill Bechdel


Sat. 6/13-Sun. 6/14 – Workshop with Senior Instructors – Rowan University, NJ - details to follow


Thurs. 7/30-Sun. 8/1 – Summer Camp – Rowan University, NJ - Details to follow


Fri. 8/7-Sun. 8/9 – Sensei in Rochester! – Details to follow