Saturday, February 28, 2015

No Classes Saturday 3/7/15

We have a large contingent of folks traveling this week to Winter Camp with Sensei.  As such, we will have to cancel classes on Saturday.  All other classes will be held as usual. 

PS. Since Len is going to camp, there will not be open mat on 3/8 either.  As usual, check with Len for the Sunday open mat schedule.

For those going to camp.  We just got word that parking may be an issue due to a second event on campus that weekend.  Please arrive to class early as you may have to walk a bit farther than you are used to.

Thanks and stay warm!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Visualizing the fall...

Tonight, as we started warm-ups, we did so with a purpose.  Starting with misogi breathing, we used that moment to visualize an uke falling.  Then we started to picture kote gaeshi.  Leading uke's balance to the point at which they fell without any effort from us as nage. 

As we continued on with stretches and ki exercises we kept that visualization going.  Which leg stretches felt more comfortable, which less?  Which of those feelings could be capitalized on during a technique?  As we did fune kogi undo, we pictured moving uke's balance back with it.  We pictured the beginning movements of tsuki kote gaeshi as we practiced tenkan (turning about the point of connection) and tekubi kosa joho undo.  We felt how the connection with uke should feel as we did the kote gaeshi ki exercise.  And then, as we did standing ukemi, we took notice of how fast we fell to the ground without any assistance from a nage.

Finally, we practiced tsuki kote gaeshi.  Though we really had already been practicing for it 15 minutes.

Warm ups can be very useful.  It's not just a time to make a perfect shomen uchi movement, but a time to reflect on how that movement is used in a given technique.

Monday, February 2, 2015

This is rochester...

Class is on tonight.   Ray Sensei will be there.   Be safe and sensible,  but the dojo is open.

(Feb 2nd)