Thursday, September 27, 2012

Volunteers Needed!

Message/Request from Ryan Lidell:

For All Instructors & Students 2nd-kyu and above.

Brad Dingman is establishing a “dojo” in Ithaca. Previously stated, I feel we should support his effort. In my opinion that support should be in the form of qualified, quality uke, achieving two goals:

A. Establish Brad’s authority though model behavior and proper ukemi.

B. Assist Brad in his continued development.

Therefore, I have volunteered my time, one Monday evening every month for the foreseeable future. I ask that any student, initially 2nd-kyu and above, commit to one Monday evening each month, rotated as follows:

Tentatively, Brad wishes to commence on Monday, 8 Oct 2012. I will be there. Subsequently, I will assist Brad every 2nd Monday of each month until assistance is no longer required.

Volunteers will assist Brad the 4th Monday each month, one month per each student. Theoretically, additional volunteers will assist Brad once every 12 months, number dependent.

The following is a proposed schedule for the next 12 Months:

Ryan: 8 Oct 2012
Student: 22 Oct 2012

Ryan: 12 Nov 2012
Student: 26 Nov 2012

Ryan: 10 Dec 2012
Student: NA

Ryan: 14 Jan 2013
Student: 28 Jan 2013 – Weather dependent

Ryan: 11 Feb 2013
Student: 25 Feb 2013 – Weather dependent, 1st Monday following February Recess

Ryan: 11 Mar 2013
Student: 25 Mar 2013 – Weather dependent, Beginning of Passover

Ryan: 8 Apr 2013
Student: 22 Apr 2013

Ryan: 13 May 2013
Student: NA

Ryan: 10 Jun 2013
Student: 24 Jun 2013

Ryan: 8 Jul 2013
Student: 22 Jul 2013

Ryan: 12 Aug 2013
Student: 26 Aug 2013

Ryan: 9 Sept 2013
Student: 23 Sept 2013

Dates we will NOT assist:
24 Dec 2012 (Christmas Eve)
27 May 2013 (Memorial Day)

Dates weather dependent (These dates still must filled. However, should inclement weather prevent one from assisting Brad, we will NOT reschedule):
28 Jan 2013
25 Feb 2013
25 Mar 2013

Dates need filled by specific volunteers unaffected by circumstances:
25 Feb 2013 (1st Monday following February Recess) – No Parents of school aged children
25 Mar 2013 (Beginning of Passover) – Respect our Jewish Students

This schedule is solid, regardless of Brad’s start date. Should he be unexpectedly delayed, we will simply begin our assistance at that point. I will be sure to attend his 1st class.

Thank you, Hugh, for being the first volunteer.

My contact e-mail is Please help out.


And, one more bonus!

Following the exciting seminar with Rick Goodman this weekend, we will have another surprise guest instructor on Monday night! Dan McDougall will be in town for a conference and will stop by on Monday night. We expect him to arrive in time for 6 pm class.

It is always fun to have Dan teach so hope to see everyone in class on Monday night!

PS. There is no extra charge for this class.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heads Up - Goodman Sensei Seminar-

A couple of reminders for this weekends seminar with Rick Goodman Sensei:
  • Time allotted for lunch on Sat. 9/29 will be from noon to 2:00 pm (brochures are correct).
  • Dmitry Chuprun will be testing for 2nd kyu during the 2:00 pm class on Sat. 9/29.
  • If you are paying by check for the seminar, please make checks payable to Paul Gardner.
  • Brochures/registration forms are available in the dojo.
Additional questions or concerns, please let me know.

See you on the mat!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Know someone who might be interested in practicing Aikido? Let them know of our current promotion: 3 Month Introductory Special for New Students. Includes Dojo T-Shirt. Only $89. First Class is always FREE. Please visit or contact dojo for details. (^_^)

Monday, September 17, 2012

REMINDER - Guest Instructor and 2nd Kyu Test!

Please join us September 28-30, 2012 for an aikido seminar, featuring guest instructor Rick Goodman Sensei, 7th dan and chief instructor of Aikido Kokikai Flemington, NJ.

NOTE: During the Saturday class at the Rochester dojo Dmitry Chuprun from Eastern Sky will test for 2nd kyu.

For more information see poster in dojo or contact Paul Gardner Sensei @ or (585) 472-2981.

FOR SALE - Foam and Canvas


Foam and Canvas

Perfect for a home dojo! First come, first serve!

10 linear ft. (10’ x 6’) of foam for $25

10 linear ft. (10’ x 6’) of canvas for $25

Questions, email Marcella at

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Please congratulate our fellow students on their recent promotions!  We had yet another successful round of tests this week and we can all take pride in the progress of these students.

6th Kyu
  • Mikel Dorren
5th Kyu
  • Bruce Xu
3rd Kyu
  • Joe Cummings

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Testing, testing, testing!

Remember...there is testing this Thursday, September 13 during the 7:00 pm class.

Come support your fellow aikidoka.

See you on the mat!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Volunteer Needed - Cut and Store Demo Mat

Kerman has volunteered to wrangle the demo mat, thank you!

We need a volunteer to cut 2-12' lengths of old mat foam and an appropriate piece of old canvas to create a demo mat... and come up with a way to store it in the men's locker room. Maybe on the top shelf?

This project needs to get done soon so that we can work on selling the balance of the foam and canvas and getting it out of the dojo.

If you can take on this project please see Marcella or Brian.