Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almost there!

The new mat is installed and functional.  We are a bit cluttered and need to finish re-arranging and dividing up the old foam to get it out of the dojo, but we are open for classes.  We will gradually tension the mat over the next week or two before we trim the cover flap, until then just watch your step getting on the mat.

I am extremely happy about the outpouring of support this week.  The great fear of any all-volunteer organization is that no one volunteers.  We have again demonstrated that our group is full of people who care enough about their Aikido studies to take time from their busy lives to scrape, paint, mop, hammer and drill.  I am re-energized by the level of support you all showed from white belts to 5th Dan's.  Thank you all.

Oh, and by the way.  One more way Tiffin screwed up was making the mat larger than it was supposed to be (I say 'make' loosely as they are just middle men and didn't give the right dimensions to their vendor; who was actually very good to us throughout the ordeal).  We squeezed it in, at the cost of the Shomen floor space, some extra cutting of the border wood, and some of our mat tensioning range.  However, as best candy and I can tell, instead of losing 30 sq ft from the old configuration, we actually gained a few square feet.  So yes, it not only looks bigger, it is bigger!

I'd like to take a group picture on the Thursday after camp to send to the actual mat vendor as a thank you.  Based on some scheduling things, we will likely be doing post-camp belt presentation then (though I need to confirm that, so stay tuned)  Either way, when we do the belt presentations, please come so we can have a nice photo taken.  Harold - see if you can get the kids to sit still for one too!

Thank you everyone!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The New Plan!!! - PROGRESS

OK, now that both the foam and the mat top are here, in the dojo, color is right, and the size even looks right.  We are a go for this coming week.

So far the schedule for the work is:

Monday July 23rd (Classes as normal)
Tuesday July 24th (no 7pm class) (COMPLETED!!)
  • 6pm - Class as normal - final class on the current mat
  • 7pm-10pm - 
    • Tear down begins.  Bring
      • Screw guns
      • Wonder bars
      • knee pads
    • Stain wood border, we need:
      • Paint brushes
      • rubber gloves
      • drop cloths
Wednesday July 25th (no classes)  (COMPLETED!!)
  • 6pm-9pm:  we need: (Bob Martini volunteered to lead this!)
    • Stain wood border,
      • Paint brushes
      • rubber gloves
      • drop cloths
    • Scrape & Paint Radiators (NEW)
      • wire brushes
      • paint brushes
 Thursday July 26th (no classes)(COMPLETED!!)
  • Daytime: Building maintenance (ceiling fixes, electrical upgrades)
  • 6pm-9pm: Cut and final stain of new border wood
    • Paint brushes
    • rubber gloves
    • drop cloths
Friday July 27th (no classes)
  • Daytime: Building maintenance (ceiling fixes, electrical upgrades) (almost done)
  • 6pm-9pm: 
    • Finish Painting Radiators (1 coat done)
    • Rework Shomen area, bring (postponed)
      • TBD
    • Lay down new wood border (not done)
      • caulking guns
    • Lay out new foam to let it relax (NEW) (started)
      • utility knives (sharp)
      • long straight edges
      • measuring tape
 Saturday July 28th (no classes - unless we get down super fast) 10AM
  • Finish Painting Radiators (2nd coat)
  • Layout and cut foam to fit
  • Layout and attach new wood border 
  • Put down new mat cover, need
    • hammers
  • Clean up and re-arrange
Sunday July 29th
  •  assuming all goes to plan - dojo re-opens with normal Sunday open mat
We will need help, please note times and come when you can.  Remember, this dojo runs not just for us but by and because of us.

See Brian or Candy for details.  Keep an eye here for updates.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mat status

Looks like the maintenance guys will be there the 26th and 27th of July so anticipate the mat teardown to be earlier that week.