About Classes

A Typical Class

Our classes are designed to teach our students to develop strong mind-body coordination by incorporating the Principles of Aikido Kokikai® into their daily lives.

Kokikai Principles

  1. Keep One Point to develop calmness
  2. Relax Progressively
  3. Find Correct Posture in Everything
  4. Develop a Positive Mind
In training, students quickly notice that these principles reinforce each other. Focused practiced on any one principle will also help you develop the other three. Mastery of these principles will allow you to stay relaxed under pressure, develop confidence, find peace and balance in your life, and discover your best self.

Class Activities

Stretching and Warmup Exercises
We do our best to prepare our bodies for a wide range of motions.
Ki Exercises
We repeatedly execute common motions that are the building blocks that make up our techniques.
Ukemi (Rolling/Falling) Exercises
We practice rolling and falling so that we can be thrown safely.
Principle Exercises
We apply our principles in concentrated exercises to build habits that can be used in our daily lives.
Self-Defense Techniques
We practice for situations where words are not enough to resolve conflict. We train to defend against a variety of attacks including grabs, strikes, and weapons-based attacks.
Weapons Kata
We perform sequences of armed strikes to develop coordination, practice our attacks, and reinforce our principles.
Randori and Freestyle Exercises
We defends ourselves in high energy situations against one or many attackers to develop calmness, presence and focus.

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