Wednesday, January 29, 2014

accepting pre-orders for "official" kokikai Rochester dojo uniform patches

Only Four days left to pre-order your dojo patch. Place your order today!

The last day to pre-order will be Saturday, February 1. 

On behalf of the dojo, I would like to announce that we are now accepting preorders for our "official" dojo uniform patch.

This is a beautiful 3.5 inch red and black patch made of high quality thread and stiff backing that is built to last and will look great on your gi (uniform). The patch will also look good on duffel bags, backpacks or totes.

In order to determine the appropriate quantity to be produced, we are asking you to make a commitment to the number of patches you would like. We don't want to over order but we also want to have enough patches for everyone that wants them.

A patch for all your gi's will allow you to proudly show off our dojo on the mat and at seminars like winter and summer camp.

Pricing for the patches are $5 each or $4 each for 2 or more patches. Proceeds from the sale of the patch go toward the support of the dojo and its activities.

A sign up sheet will be made available at the dojo where you can order your patches.

The patches will take about 4 weeks to make and should be ready the first week of March, just in time for winter camp!

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Testing


Please join me in congratulating our fellow aikidoka on their rank promotions. 

5th kyu
Bill Bechdel
Panos Ginis
Lucian Ferruzza

4th kyu
Jim Keeler

As always, it's a pleasure to see the progress resulting from hard work and dedication of our students.

"Progress is Happiness"

Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Camp/Test Prep 2014 -

Need a boost to get you through the next couple of winter months? How about joining us for test prep?

The winter session of camp/test prep kicks off Thursday, January 23.

All are welcome and as usual, we will kick it up a notch for camp/test prep classes. Beginners will be taken good care of so don't hesitate to come as well.

Camp/test prep will run for 6 weeks, every Thursday night from 7-8:30 pm.

As usual, the first and last nights we’ll have video review for baseline and progress. Please be prepared to stay a little later those nights.

Remember, if you are not testing, we will need ukes of all types, so please come and support your fellow aikidoka.

Camp/test prep has been a long standing tradition in Rochester which, with your support we’ll continue to enhance everyone's quality of practice.

Thank you,

Brian & Marcella

No Open Mat Sun. 1/19/14-

Heads up...There will be no open mat on Sun. 1/19/ the Sunday Morning Regulars a chance to attend the Weapons Seminar at Eastern Sky.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Tonight's (1/2/14) classes are cancelled.  Sensei Judy just went through downtown and said it's a mess and the snow is not supposed to let up until morning.  Guess this is one of those don't go down the dark alley moments.  :)

Keep warm, stay safe.